We are back in church in person! Please join us for Holy Eucharist at 8am or 10:30am if you feel safe and ready to do so, and if not we will hold your spot while you watch us on Facebook Live. We have made some COVID-19 adjustments to the LIVE services:

  1. We have reduced seating options–every other pew is open with seating on the ends only,
  2. Christian Education is on hold for just a bit longer,
  3. We take the “body” during communion, and
  4. We are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing for your safety.

Our seating “spots” are for family/household units and we can safely have 28 households per service. Our space is cleaned between services and we use designated doors to Enter and Exit the church. Please read the information below for In-Person Worship Guidelines at Resurrection.

Our “normal” invitation to worship at Resurrection sounds like this—Please join us this very Sunday for The Holy Eucharist which is our service of communion or mass. We do this every Sunday at 8:00 am (a quiet, contemplative service with no music) and at 10:30 am (our principal worship service with choir and hymns). We gather in Rogers Hall after worship to check in with each other, have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. All children three and younger are welcome in the nursery, but we also love to have children in church — we believe a noisy church is a healthy church. Christian Formation for all ages begins at 9:15. On Wednesday evenings we share a meal together at 6:00 pm. followed by a relaxed, discussion-based Bible Study that ends by 8:00 pm.

However, we are in abnormal times of COVID-19, so THIS is how we invite you to worship with us–Please join us at 8:00am or 10:30am IN-PERSON or ON-LINE (10:30am only) this very Sunday for the Holy Eucharist which is our service of communion or mass. We have returned to in-person worship for both services. The 8am service is Rite 1 which is a quiet, contemplative service with no music. Our 10:30am service is Rite 2 and it is our principle service with choir and hymns. If you join us online via Facebook Live at 10:30am, it can be a quiet service in your home, or you and your family can be as noisy and sing as loudly as you want. We love to have children in church, whether it is from your home or with us in person. We really do believe a noisy church is a healthy church. Come and see when you can.

Service Times during COVID-19

  • 8:00 AM Rite I – Live Service — Reduced Seating; Masks On
    • Traditional Language
    • No music
  • 10:30 AM Rite II – Live Service — Reduced Seating; Masks On
    • Contemporary Language
    • Hymns & Choir



 In-Person Worship Guidelines

  1. A DEEP CLEAN of the church and all rooms, surfaces, and high touch areas has been performed using a commercial disinfectant.
  2. HAND SANITIZER–We will have hand sanitizer available for your use.
  3. STAY HOME–if you are more comfortable at home and not quite ready OR if you are considered at risk, have symptoms, a fever, or have a known exposure to COVID-19.
  4. MASKS–Please wear a mask to protect and respect those around you. This keeps us compliant with the CDC and the EDTN recommendations for gatherings. We are not making a statement; we are merely erring on the side of everyone’s health and safety.
  5. SOCIAL DISTANCING—maintain at all times as required by the CDC and the EDTN.
  6. ENTRANCE & EXIT–Please use the main church doorways marked IN & OUT of the church building ONLY. The Office entry/exit will be locked. The kitchen door will be locked. Please leave your personal church key at home.
  7. OUTSIDE SERVICE ACCESS–If there is an 11am outside service, we will utilize the single door at the end of the back hallway for building exit and re-entry.
  8. BULLETIN–Pick up your service bulletin from the table in the Narthex. Ushers will not be handing them out. Discard them in the basket as before.
  9. SEATING–Pews will be marked off for seating. Every other pew will be open on the ends only for a single household unit to sit. The center of the pews will also be taped off.
  10. PEACE–Please respect others wishes to refrain from touch during the PEACE and in general. You can wave, flash a “peace” sign, or use sign language.
  11. COMMUNION–We will be offered the Communion wafer only. Father Chad will place the wafer in our hand with tongs, so he does not risk touching your mouth or your hands.
  12. OFFERING–The plates will be placed at the back of the church. We will not pass the plates from person to person during the service.
  13. ACCESSABLE SPACE–There will only be access to the main church, the back hallway and the 2 back hallway bathrooms, and the Crossroads.
  14. COFFEE HOUR & CHRISTIAN FORMATION–We will not be hosting Coffee Hour, Christian Formation classes or Childcare until further notice.
  15. BETWEEN SERVICES–All areas will be cleaned between services for your safety.